RV and Caravan supplier since 1972


** Camec’s origins date back to 1963 when founder Kevin O’Brien identified the need for a specialised caravan repair business to service the growing caravan tourism industry. His vision led to the creation of the service operation Classic Caravan Repair Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Working closely with caravan manufacturers, caravan dealers, hirers and leading caravan insurance companies of that period this exclusive business grew rapidly.

Because of the success of Classic as a retail and repair operation, it was then deemed expedient to structure and launch a separate wholesale business.
In 1972, Camec was born. Camec is an acronym for Caravan And Marine Equipment Company.

Camec expanded its operations during the late 1980s through the purchase of an aluminium roll forming plant, the purchase of tooling for caravan water tank production and the introduction of innovative and alternative products from overseas suppliers for the local market.

In 1991 Camec acquired its main competitor at the time – Caraparts. This acquisition added to Camec’s portfolio an RV window, door and hatch manufacturing plant and a Queensland based sales and distribution facility which expanded Camec to a national based operation.

Continued research and development saw Camec introduce new products to the RV range including the Galaxy window, the Camec security door, and the 4-seasons skylight roof hatch, along with greater colour options and far more diverse size alternatives. In 2004 Camec developed and released the new slimline range of RV wind-out windows.

In 2000 Fleetwood, an Australian publicly listed company acquired Camec. A Fleetwood subsidiary, Caravan Parts of Western Australia, was integrated into Camec providing a facility in Western Australia.

In 2001 Camec expanded into New Zealand with the purchase of Serada, New Zealand’s leading RV and marine components supplier.

In 2003 Camec continued to widen its distribution network with the addition of its main competitor in New South Wales – Car-Van.

Camec now employs over 300 people in its facilities at Dandenong South in Victoria, Archerfield in Queensland, Caringbah in New South Wales, Welshpool in Western Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

Camec import and distribute many leading products to the RV and marine industries within New Zealand and Australia and have built strong and lasting relationships with important industry suppliers around the world. Combined with its local production of windows, doors and aluminium, Camec is undoubtedly the largest supplier of RV and caravan components and accessories to all segments of the RV and caravan industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Camec is a major sponsor and supporter of the national and state associations of the Caravan Industry of Australia and is a member of the RVMAA and BIA in Australia and the RVIA in the USA.

Camec NZ are proud sponsor and supporter of NZMCA