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Ampfibian Mini Black

Colour: Black

Product Code: 044426

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The Ampfibian MINI-BLACK is New Zealands first and only weatherproof 16A to 10A power adaptor! You canfinally connect your caravan or motorhome to any normal 10A power outlet safely and legally rain, hail or shine.The built-in miniature-circuit-breaker (M.C.B.) protects circuits from overloading; the residual current device(R.C.D.) protects you personally.Designed for the toughest of conditions, it has a 16A CEE socket, large 1.5mm2 conductors and two built-in loops for hanging up. Its H-Class high impact and tick conductor rating also makes it perfect for commercial use (e.g. camperhire). Best of all its weatherproof, meets all electrical standards and offers the best protection you can buy!The MINI-BLACK does not magically convert 10A to 16A but limits the amount of current the van can draw to 10A so the RV can be safely connected to a standard power point. The functionality of a connected device may be limited if used to its full capacity. R.C.D.s will not prevent shock but minimise the effects by shutting the power off quickly.


  • 240V 10A 2400W circuit breaker
  • Power input plug 10A on 1.2m lead
  • Power output socket on 0.4m lead fits 16A CEE (blue) plug
  • R.C.D. for personal protection
  • Certified to comply with NZ standards AS/NZS3190 and AS/NZS3001
  • IP44 weatherproof for outdoor use
  • Heavy-duty H-Class rating
  • 1.5mm2 conductors
  • Securing / hanging loops on body
  • Two year warranty


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